I heart Keenwah Review

28 Feb


I never new there could be snacks made with Quinoa. That’s how I have to start this off, because I was also calling it by the wrong name as well.. Quinoa is pronounced (keen-wah) for those like me, that just didn’t know. Anyways, I literally never knew there could be snacks that were highly amazing like I heart Keenwah… So I was sent the Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Quinoa Cluster. I don’t even know what to say… I was completely shocked. I’m obsessed. The worst thing too, I just started weight watchers, and I don’t even know how many points are in a serving, so I can only have 1 each day and it’s REALLY hard just having one. So this Chocolate drizzle quinoa cluster tastes just like some kind of candy I really enjoy and I can’t figure it out. A friend of mine said she thinks it taste like a Payday bar, but that’s just not it for me… Ooo now that I think about it, kind of like an Almond roca…. it’s THAT good.

They are gluten-free, low glycemic (perfect), lots of fiber, lots of protein… And they come in a some other flavors: ginger peanut, cranberry cashew, and almond. I’m telling you to go out and buy a bag of these. I’m completely obsessed.

You can find them at:

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I’m so incredibly happy I had a chance to try these amazing bites. I really think you should find out if they are located anywhere near you and pick up a bag. Do it!



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