Newman’s Own Review & Giveaway

14 Feb

Imagine coming home to a big box of this: ImageYup.. all goodies from Newman’s Own Organics. I don’t even know where to start. First off, I was quite surprised at all these snacks and I couldn’t wait to try it. Newman’s Own Organics know what people like. They took all these foods that we all liked when we were younger and produced them with organic ingredients.

Let’s see what was inside!

Imagefirst of all i’m sorry it’s sideways, but this licorice is just amazing. I love sour candies, but the sour ones didn’t do it for me. I did however, gobble up the pomegranate ones in a heartbeat, and took my time with the strawberry. I am not a huge fan of Twizzlers or red-vines, but these I would eat again. Image Certified organic chocolate. I gave these to my co-workers since I don’t eat a lot of chocolate, and they were very impressed. One of my co-workers tells me she LOVES Newman’s Own Organic Products. She’s pretty smart.

ImageI love pretzels I could eat them all the time. They are one of my favorite snack items out there. They offer: Spelt • Salted Sticks • High Protein • Unsalted Rounds • Rods Thin Sticks •Salted Rounds • Honey Wheat Mini Salted Thins • Mighty Mini… all those choices.. SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM.. I need to get myself some more!

ImageHave you ever eaten a thin mint girl scout cookie? I found the replacement that you can have ALL – YEAR round. Yup the Newman’O  Hint’O Mint cookies taste exactly like a thin mint only WAY better. I had to leave them at my boyfriends because I knew I’d eat the whole entire package in a sitting just like girl scout cookies. Although here’s a little secret, I’d rather eat the Hint’O mint then a girl scout cookie. We haven’t opened the others yet, we’re waiting, but I can only imagine how good they are as well, and I’m sure they will take the place of ever eating another cookie brand again. ImageI’m obsessed with the cinnamon alphabet cookies. I put them in a plastic bag and I have allowed myself 4 of them each and every night so they last. They are just so tasteful and delightful and a perfect evening snack. I brought the others to work and they were gone the next day. Everyone really seems to love Newman’s Own Organic foods. I’m telling you, entering the giveaway at the bottom of this page (just follow the link).. it will be well worth it.

I also received chocolate cups, apricots, and mints. Newman’s Own Organics was quite an enjoyment and it’s worth checking them out. Organic and tasty = a perfect mix.

Would you like to win full sized products from them? If so follow this link  NEWMAN”S OWN GIVEAWAY and you can enter a giveaway for 4 of my favorites and a surprise item from Newman’s Own Organic.

*Disclaimer…. I didn’t receive any compensation from Newman’s Own Organic Products. These are my honest opinions of the products and I thank them for letting me have the chance to review something so amazing.*

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