08 Feb

I love bbq sauce. LOVE bbq sauce. has amazing bbq sauce. All I can say is OMG! I have a gallon of Chipolte BBQ sauce sitting in my fridge right now and even though it will take me literally months to finish, I enjoy every minute it’s in my mouth.ImageI use bbq sauce for everything. Chicken, turkey burgers, fries, and even tofu!! The Chipolte Flavor is currently new for Sucklebusters. New since 2012.

Before I continue… let’s just say that meaning “bustin’ with flavor, is truly proven. There is flavor in every sauce I was able to try from them. Besides bbq sauce, and mustard, they also offer: seasonings (fajita, chili, steak, tex-mex), Sweet, Mild, and Spicy Bbq Rubs, hot sauces, texas gunpowders (never heard), pepper jelly, salsas, and more! They even have gift sets!

ImageThe honey bbq is by far my favorite. I gave the peach to my co-worker and he loves the extra spice that it has to it. He loves spicy stuff.. so do I! ImageIi’m not a huge fan of mustard, but my boyfriend seems to really like it. Hot and Spicy is definitely a keeper, and I haven’t tried the original yet, but my boyfriend and I are planning to make a pork dish in the slow-cooker with the whole bottle!!!

You can find sucklebusters on facebook :



check them out, their prices are VERY affordable and I promise it will be worth every minute 🙂


*Disclaimer: Sucklebusters was very kind in letting me review their product. I did not receive any compensation for this. The opinions are my own, and they are all honest*

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