Two Moms in the Raw Review

04 Feb

I was sent a package from Two Moms in the Raw containing some products they produce. I was kind of skeptic at first because I haven’t tried Raw foods before, but with some of the foods I tasted, I was quite surprised.Imagethe goldenberry nut bar is my ABSOLUTE favorite. Before I read the description on the website for what this bar is good for, my co-worker and I discussed it as being a great breakfast food. From the description this is a great bar for giving a great boost. This is something i”ll need to eat for the long days I have at work. Some days work just drives me crazy, and this will hold me over 🙂 There are only 30mg of sodium, and the carb count is 13, so not high at all! It’s a very tasty bar. They also offer: Blueberry, Cranberry, and Goji Berry.

I also received a Box of Granola. Image

It’s definitely easy to take to work, school, or on trips– instead of the granola cereal. This has an acquired taste. It wasn’t bad by any means, just some taking used to. The granola is made up of seeds, nuts, fruit, and spices. I found the top of the box very interesting though: ImageWhy organic and raw? I should be having more Vitamins in my body 🙂 You can find these products at Whole Foods.

I was given the Tomato Basil Sea Crackers to try as well. I’m a fan. They are completely tasty and a good snack to have throughout the day. I need to buy some hummus.. this would go perfectly with some hummus! They even said it would go good on top of a salad. I should try that, because I love a salad. I have one almost every day!Image


Tomatoes, flaxseed and Basic.. = perfect combination. May have to buy myself another box, I’m almost gone!!

Lastly I received, some truffles. Almond butter cacao truffle. These were amazing. I’m not a huge chocolate lover, but the right amount of cacao was inside. This would go great on top of some ice cream, or even by itself.

I’ve been trying to eat healthier, and find snacks that will help me with this. Raw foods definitely have an acquired taste, but everyone should give them a chance. All the foods Two Moms have are organic, raw, vegan, wheat, dairy, and soy free.

You can find them :

check them out, the food are available at affordable prices!

* Two Moms in the Raw company was very generous to send me these products to review. I did not receive any compensation for my opinion. My opinion is my own and I post my honest opinions on all of my reviews.*

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