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Suckleusters Review Coming soon!

Suckleusters Review Coming soon!

I need to try out 5 of these sauces before writing my review, and then I’m going to give one bottle away as a giveaway! Stay tuned!!

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John Frieda Full Repair Products


Last year sometime I won this care package from John Frieda. Let me tell you, it was the best surprise to come in my mailbox in quite some time.

Full Body Shampoo and Conditioner: Reverses overworked hair. My hair is probably damaged from the hot iron I use without any protection. I went through the shampoo/conditioner like it was nobody’s business  and let me tell you the fragrance of both was amazing. The amazing smell lasted throughout the day/night. It comes in both 8.45 and 11 fl oz.

Perfect Ends Deep Infusion: Protects damaged hair from High Heat. I have yet to try this out, but it’s in my bathroom, ready to use! Comes in 1.7 fluid oz.

Heat Activating Style Spray: I use this before I straighten my hair. It helps become smooth (i have wavy hair). It’s flexible to hold with any style. it comes in 4 fl oz.

Touch-up flyaway tamer: This is amazing. Any flyaway you have with your hair, put a little on with the mascara type brush and the flyaway goes away! It’s small enough to keep in your purse. Comes in .5 fl oz.

Perfect End Shear Mist- I have yet to use this, and I think I’m going to put this in a giveaway soon! Protects from high heat and comes in 2 fl oz.

I received a few more products that I may end up giving away as well. I also received a flat iron and it works against frizz. It was perfect timing, since my other one decided to end it’s life.

To learn more about John Frieda’s Full Repair line:

*I’ve seen a lot of cvs pharmacys have some of their products on clearance*

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Image10 grams of protein, No Sodium, 3grams of carbs… many different ways to make dishes with tofu, perfect family/single meals. You can go to and get a coupon. If you join their mailing list, they will send you coupons every month or so.

My favorite ways to include Tofu in my meals:

  • sweet and sour tofu in the crockpot
  • tofu stir fry with broccoli and mushrooms
  • bbq tofu (oven)
  • lettuce wraps  <– tells you which type of tofu to use when cooking different meals.

Nasoya has other brands as well, can’t wait to try what else they have to offer!

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Pure Protein Bars

I work out 3 days a week around 6pm after work and around 4:00 I’m always craving something that will keep my energy up. Pure Protein Bars are my first choice of protein bars. My favorite are the S’mores. They don’t taste like protein bars and they are good for you. The bars come in 9 different flavors, they vary from 18-32 grams of protein, and they don’t have much sugar! Pure Protein also has shakes, powders and even protein shots. I’ve tried the shakes as well (vanilla) and they are also tasty. They give me the boost I need. Try them today at your local drug stores and grocery stores. 


To learn more go to:  

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McCormic Slowcooker Packets

Last night my boyfriend and I cooked Italian Herb Chicken in the slow cooker. We used the McCormick Slow-Cooking Mix and it only took 4 1/2 hours to cook and it was wonderful. There are so many leftovers and my boyfriend has different ways to make a home cooked meal from them: One day on top of pasta, and one day on a sandwich for lunch. 


It’s so easy to use with the packets, because all you need to do is buy a few ingredients, stick it in the pot and you’re good to go. We will be trying out different McCormic packets in the future, and definitely will be using the Italian Seasoning again!



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Itch releif

Eucerin skin care relief is by far the best lotion for dry skin. I have tried Dial, Vaseline, Dove, Tone… you name it and nothing cures dry skin like Eucerin. Eucerin has many sizes and many different lotions to help with your skin. My favorite is:022108_eucerin_a i only get dry skin with colder weather, and for some reason it’s only on my legs. I definitely need to stock up, and any time I can get free samples of the lotion, I take as many as I can. It’s great lotion.

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tumblr_ktl5luOMS71qaqbhdo1_500Do you remember back in the day when you played POGS? I remember that any time they were seen at school they were taken away from us. We were able to play with them only on special occasions, but they were definitely a hit for quite some time. I remember trading them ,keeping them in those cool cases, and always wanting to  buy the sweetest slammers. I hope someone brings them back someday to show the newer generation what fun we had in the 90s.

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