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participate in challenges, take daily spins, play games, earn points… use your points for raffles.. maybe win something… something to pass the time at night before bed. 

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Check out this Tootsie Roll

Check out this Tootsie Roll.


Superfans! I love this! I’ve gotten so many cool free stuff from just sharing my link!

Plus I get enterered into awesome sweepstakes. RIght now it’s all about Tootsie rolls! YUM!

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Survey Sites and Programs — participate in campaigns. I’ve received so many free products from them: Dentyne gum, Bic Soleili Razors, Full Size Shampoo/Conditioner, Glade Expressions, ect… why not try it? — Share Smiles, accept missions.. I’ve received 5 hour energy… referral link —> — earn amazon gift cards by participating in sample shares (i’ve gotten so many free clothes from old navy), discussions, and polls. I’ve earned over 100$ in amazon gift credits. –>


SURVEY SITES: — once you get to 25.00 you can cash out. It takes time, but I just cashed out 25.50 the other day. You receive the check within 7-10 days of cashing out. Pretty fast turn around. and — take surveys once you hit 25.00 you can cash out for awesome prizes. I cashed out at 50 with surveyhead and received visa and cvs gift cards. About to cash out with Jdpowerpanel and going to get visa e-gift card so I can get a target gift card. — earn 500 points and get tango gift card which allows you to get other gift cards. I’ve already done this once and almost up to another 1000 (2 5$ tango cards).. I’m hoping to wait for 2000 points so I can get a 20$ gift card for target for the holidays.


there are many more, but those are my all time favorites.

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Glade Expression Collection

So I had the change to receive free coupons for The Glade expression collection. I was able to find the Fragrance Mist Starter kit and I bought the Mango Fragrance. Walgreens is actually having a sale right now: 2.99. I was also lucky enough to receive two $1 off next purchase there as well for purchasing a glade product. I have all these other coupons for the Mist Starter, and already gave some to co-workers, but saved two for myself, so I’m definitely going back this week to get a few more for free, because of the sale. I was unable to find the oil diffuser, but I’ll try out another walgreens and see if they carry them.

Mango… MM Mango. The fragrance smells  just like fresh mangos. I sprayed in my bathroom and instantly fell in love with the flavor. I will definitely have to check out the other fragrances they have to offer, and try other glade products. I am definitely a fan.

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