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05 Jan

There are some bloggers out there that are very friendly and share all their findings on deals and coupons. There are some that do that and also share contests with their readers on some cool stuff. There are some that partake in all the survey sites and share the ones that are worth making money from. I follow many of them, however, there are some that I can’t stand.

I recently “unliked” a page because the owner, in my opinion, is a little self absorbed. I have a feeling she sits on her computer 24/7 and just posts deals and contests and calls that a “life”. We all use superpoints, but it’s kind of not fair when the referal/coupon/blog sites won’t let their fans post their own links to get more people on their team. Like this one page: she is like #3 on the site and has made over 1000$ on it, but won’t allow her fans to use their own links UNLESS they are apart of her team. I mean come on really? How old are you? You have already bragged how much money you’ve made and how you are one of the top people on there. You are so incredibly cool that this is how you spend your time.

Here I am venting over something so stupid, but it’s just obnoxious how they take over everything. They think just because they do this for a “living” (which is kind of sad if you ask me) … that they have control over everything.



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