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I won!

I won 5 100$ giftcards to


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During the fall and winter seasons I’m a huge fan of soup. The other day I tried Tomato Gorgonzola soup from and it was magnificent. Sunday, I’m getting together with a girlfriend and we are going to make some Pea Soup!

You can find the recipe here:









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I’m quite obsessed with salads. I always make a salad or two per day. I normally cut up cucumber, carrots, and possibly an egg as well. Croutons are always my favorite as well. ¬†So today I went to Walmart to pick up another bag of lettuce and I remembered I had a free coupon for¬† — Marzetti dressing. I bought¬†this kind and let me tell you, it’s so incredibly good. I almost want to make another salad, but it’s getting too late.

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New Ways

My dad and grandma came to visit me about a month ago and started talking about this diet my brothers fiance is on.¬†¬†— low carb and low sugar. She’s lost a lot of weight and looks good and doesn’t even exercise.

I started researching it and decided to try it out. For the first 2 weeks I ate vegetables and hummus, tofu, boca burgers, salads, and eggs. Snacks were hard to come by, so it was just nuts. I dropped weight, it was great. Then I decided to start researching recipes to try to find a way to add some sweets into this.


This blog is going to be about food I’ve made to help me stay healthy, and also¬†restaurants¬†I’ve been too, and some other random stuff. ¬†It will help me and help you find new and exciting foods to try!

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